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Welcome to Danelle Dodge for Congress' Official Website

IT'S OFFICIAL - Danelle is ON the Ballot! - Read More Here

Representation Matters! The government should reflect the people.  The American melting pot has become a thing we are told to be afraid of, when in reality it is something to celebrate.  When our children look to The White House, The Supreme Court, The US House and Senate they should be able to see the possibility of their own futures.

As your Representative I will listen, educate and advocate for you. I will shine a light on the happenings in our District and work to bring dollars and resources HERE to effect necessary change.

Please take a moment to SHARE what issues matter to you most! It is time the people have a voice back in The People's House and for us to participate in the conversation so we can be part of BIG decisions that will determine OUR Future!


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