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Speaking Truth to Power in WA DC

For Immediate Release - June 6, 2022

Danelle Dodge, Democratic U.S. House of Representative candidate for Florida’s 8th district, took some of Florida’s concerned voters to Washington, D.C. over Memorial Day weekend, to show that Floridians will not stand by at the prospect of losing basic human rights.

The group protested in front of the White House and the Supreme Court over the leaked draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, as well as pushed for expanding the Supreme Court.

“The power of the people is often underestimated.  We must sustain the presence and the voice of the people in the places where decisions are being made.” Dodge said.

The group also protested to encourage expansion of the Court, just as the federal districts were expanded to 13, so should the Supreme Court.  The group also encouraged term limits to help the court more accurately reflect the views of the American majority.

“When elected I will bring the voice of the people back into the people’s house. The majority of Americans want women to have rights over their own body and medical decisions and I believe a person has a constitutional right to privacy where their body is concerned.  Losing Roe is just a stepping stone to losing other rights such as access to birth control, marriage equality and equal education.” Dodge added.

Dodge chose Memorial Day for the trip to make this clear that soldiers fought and died for precisely these freedoms.

“Freedom is not free. The people must fight for these rights that so many have died for. When Democracy is tested at home, citizens must answer the call.” Dodge said.

The group also visited the National African American History Museum, the National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, MLK Memorial, WWII and Korean War Memorials the Washington Monument, and the Arlington Cemetery.

“Government officials that have been in DC too long have forgotten the power and inspiration of the place they live and work. Spending time all around the National Mall, the monuments and the people from all over the world shows the power of the message of the Melting Pot, The beacon on the hill, and the search for Freedom. It is why we are here speaking truth to power this weekend. Send me to WADC to do it inside the halls of Congress too!” Dodge concluded.

Common Sense Voters for Danelle Dodge
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